Alliance with Seneca Foods

Truitt Bros. forms a business alliance with Seneca Foods, a leader in the food processing business.

Truitt Family Foods Becomes Independent

The retail brand Truitt Family Foods becomes an independent business operating parallel to Truitt Bros., Inc. and led by Peter Truitt in the same cannery where it all started in 1973.

E. Bernstadt Facility opens

Truitt Bros. opens a state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facility in E. Bernstadt. Kentucky, expanding its production and warehouse capacity by 325,000-square feet.

Truit Bros. Expands to Salem

In 1999, Truitt Bros. significantly expanded its production capacity with the purchase of a second Salem, Oregon-based facility and warehouse. The plant, acquired from Agripac, was previously a facility where frozen vegetables, grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, were re-packed from large totes into retail-size plastic bags.

David and Peter Move to Oregon

David Truitt and his brother, Peter, move to Oregon to purchase a historic cannery and did what they knew best, can locally grown fruits and vegetables. This marked the beginning of Truitt Bros., Inc.

David Truitt Learns the Business

David Truitt graduated from college following years of service in the Navy and joined his father’s company, learning the canned food business.

Louisiana Plant

The family opened a processing plant in Louisiana canning sweet potatoes. (photo Circa 1954)


The Truitt family launched their first food processing business in Princeville, Illinois, canning corn and other vegetables.